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Terms of Service

House rules for  17° West – Atlantic Pool Villa


Dear guest

we are pleased to welcome you in the near future to our house. We may kindly ask you to read our rules carefully. Our rules will guide you and will clarify any questions.


§ 1 Contract


1.1 This is a letter to confirm our offer of a reservation. Please confirm the booking immediately by e-mail. This will make the booking legally binding. 


  1. You will receive the invoice and all necessary information  from us. 


§ 2 pre-payment, payment


2.1  After you have confirmed the booking a deposit of 30 % of the total cost is required. 


2.2 The balance has to be paid no later than 28 days prior to departure. 


2.3 The total price has to be paid immediately if  there is less than 40 days between the  confirmation of booking and start of your holiday. 


We will send you full details once the funds have arrived in our bank account.


§ 3 Cancellation, changing reservation


3.1 You can cancel the contract prior to occupancy. The notice of cancelation must be made in writing and, for the purpose of verification, a notice of receipt of the cancelation issued by ourselves is required. 


3.2  Should you cancel your booking or not arrive at the start of the rental period, we may charge a reasonable compensation for the measures taken and expend incurred on your behalf. 


3.3 We will ask you for following compensation expenses:


  1. 90 days before your holiday starts / 20 percent of the total amount.

  2. day 89 to day 60 before your holiday starts / 30 percent of the total amount.

  3. day 59 to day 30 before your holiday starts / 50 percent of  the total amount.

  4. from day 29 before your holiday starts / 100 percent of the total amount.


In case of no-show without prior cancellation § 3.3 is binding.


3.4.We recommend that you have full travel insurance and that you review your Risks and Liabilities under this contract to ensure all in your party have adequate cover. Travel insurance be purchast separately by you for your travels and you should ensure that such insurance covers cancellation under likely and unlikely circumstances. 




3.5 Non-appearance and unused services


Should the contracted services not be used, in particular due to late arrival, illness or any other reasons beyond our control, you are not entitled to a refund. However, you are entitled to replace any number of tenants with all the rights and responsibilities agreed to in our contract concluded with you. We reserve the right to refuse your proposed replacement or replacements should they not meet the contract requirements or should we deem that they would not be accepted as a contractual partner.


3.6 We reserve the right to withdraw from this contract before occupancy should a proven force majeure make the performance of the contract impossible. Claims that go beyond the refund of the deposit do not exist.


3.7 Price Guarantee

No changes to your rental price, either up or down, will be made after your booking has been confirmed. We reserve the right to reduce the price of properties to make „special offers“ wich will have no effect on prior bookings.


§ 4 Arrival and Departure


4.1 On the day of arrival the villa 17 degrees West will be at your disposal from 15:00 h. We accept no claims if the villa is  (due to reasons beyond our control)not prepared at this time. On your departure day the villa will be on your disposal until 10:00 o clock. 


Please give us a phone call after your arrival at the airport the number is:


00351 967 380 386, Mr. Jorge Leitao


§ 5 Tenants duties


5.1 Number of persons


You may book the villa with a maximum of 6 persons, children included. If you travel with more persons our caretaker has the authority to reject the adddtional persons. Please provide details with your booking of all the names of people who will be staying at the villa including children. 


5.2 furniture, technical equipment 


The house including the furniture, technical equipment etc. is only allowed to be used in the villa. After your arrival the caretaker will make a house inspection and will also check all technical equipment with you. You as the tenant are responsible for all damages also those from children that occur during your stay in the villa. 


A refundable bailment of 150 Euro cash  has to be deposited with our  caretaker.


Please inform our caretaker immediately about any damages.




5.3 Pool and Garden


You and your party will use all belongings inside and outside the house and pool area on your own risk. Due to the strict laws in Portugal we regret that we can only accept children  aged 6 years and older in the villa. Non swimmer are only allowed to use the pool area with a supervisor. The owner is only liable for deliberate action and gross neglicence.


5.4 Smoking


Smoking is not allowed in the villa.


5.5 Pets


Pets are not allowed in the villa.


5.6 Cleaning


The Villa 17° West has to be vacated after your stay in good condition. (oven, kitchen equipment etc.) The cleaning costs are 80 Euro. 


§  6. Landlord’s Obligations and Force Majeure


The landlord is obliged to exercise due diligence in the provision of the rental property. The landlord shall not be under any liability for any failures or malfunctions of the water or electricity, supply. The landlord shall not be under any liability for any failure to perform any of their obligations by reason of any cause whatsoever nature or kind beyond their reasonable control.


§7. Additional Agreements, Complaints


Arrangements beyond those set out in this agreement do not exist. No verbal agreements have been made. The terms and conditions of this agreement are accepted with the payment of first rental installment. If you have any cause to make a complaint while on holiday it is essential that you make contact with ourselves. If no opportunity is given to the property owner to settle a matter locally and amicably then your right to make a complaint upon return will be restricted. Any complaint can usually be resolved quickly and to your satisfaction during your holiday. 


§ 8. Severability Clause


8.1 Should any term or condition described above become legally invalid, it shall be replaced with a new provision keeping in spirit with original term or condition. The other rental terms and conditions shall be unaffected and remain valid.


Place of jurisdiction: Ponta do Sol


Thank you very much for your attention.

Wish wish you nice holidays!

Your 17°West Team

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